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When it comes to planning out my monthly or weekly schedules, I like to keep my personal and work related tasks separated by using multiple planners. I've found that using more than one planner, helps me to stay more focused and organised, and on top of all the things I need to do, or remember. My planner stack does sometimes change throughout the year, but currently it's made up of the following three planners.

Ella Iconic CEO Of My Own Life Planner - This planner is honestly my brain in a book, as I refer to it daily, and would honestly be somewhat lost without it. I write everything in this planner from daily tasks, important reminders, contact details, wishlists, and pretty much all my ideas for current, or future projects. This is the only planner that I take out and about with me, and really like that it's not too big, or bulky.

Erin Condren Vertical Life Planner - This planner is mostly used for sticker spreads, and memory keeping. I find it really relaxing to lay down stickers during the weekend, and decorate a pretty spread. It's definitely a less complicated way to scrapbook, and store happy memories. I like to add details of things I was enjoying each week, such as people I've seen, movies or shows I've watched, podcasts I've listened to, etc. I don't use it daily, and instead fill out the spread as things happen throughout the week.

Erin Condren Hardback Life Planner - This is my work planner, and so use it to plan all things work related for my sticker shop. Any shop stats, releases, and sales are noted in this planner, which helps me keep organised with how I'm running my business. I also like to add details of future products, or projects in this planner, and use the note pages for brainstorming.

Really enjoying having multiple planners, and already thinking about which planners I'll be using next year.